Name Birnick

The persons called on this homepage with the family name Birnick are all forefathers or offspring of the farmer Matthes Birnick. He was born on 20.06.1879 in "Groß Partwitz" (Parcow), in Upper Lusatia, in the federal state Saxony. The place "Groß Partwitz" was resettled in the end of the sixties in the 20-th century because of the brown coal open pit in Lusatia.

The forefathers of Matthes Birnick are mentioned since the 17-th century in the church register of "Groß Partwitz". The family name Birnick have had different spellings in the course of time:

Birnik 1684; Birnigk 1729; Byrnik 1763 and 1963; Birnick 1842 and 1968

The family name Birnick is a surname and/or a variant of the Sorbian name bĕrc, that is "tax gatherer". Even today the name Birnick also exist in Bulgaria with the same meaning.